About Us

Training Fountain offers innovative training solutions across the UK.

We inspire progression, believe in advancement and support your vision. Our mission is to be the fountain of knowledge that leaves you feeling confident, equipped and ready to accomplish your goals. With us; you will lead the way to success! 

Now isn't that refreshing ?

We have all been there... sitting in on staff training day dreaming about being on the beach or thinking of what you fancy for dinner later. well it does not have to be that way, here at Training Fountain we are anti death by power point. you get what you really need to elevate you.


Our courses offer an informative and interactive way to get the tools you need to grow and develop; because we understand the investment your making and believe that where there is an investment there should be a return.

Training Fountain is a solution-oriented organisation that offers a range of participant centred courses to support professional growth. We offer packages that are tailored to your needs and pride ourselves on incorporating modern technology and engaging methods so that you can get the most out of us.

We even offer a range of delivery options so that you can choose how this will best work for you.

Delivery options

In House - We know you are busy so you have the choice of either standard or bite-size courses at your location so you can be exactly where your needed whilst doing exactly what you need to do.


Off Site - In need of a change of scenery? step away from the desk and join us at one of our hired spaces.


Network and Train - book an individual slot on one of our monthly master classes, not only will you leap closer to your ambitions but you will have the opportunity to meet other like-minded individuals.


Office: Medway, Kent


Tel: 020 3858 9820

Email:  hello@trainingfountain.com


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