They say a leader is as great as their weakest follower

I once read an article that stated employees are bored at work 10.5 hours of the week. (I’m sure you’re not shocked by this)

Based on my own experience in some cases it’s much more, I have worked with staff who are either bored or fed up with their current positions.

why do people continue to work in this state?

Often, we wonder this about our workforce especially when it appears to be lack of enthusiasm or lack of capability in completing tasks. Employees tend to develop a dependency on colleagues and team leaders which puts a strain on the business.

I know what a frustrated member of staff looks like and whenever I see an example of this, I can’t help feeling like it’s a waste of talent.

As leaders it’s easy to identify a weak link amongst the team and to feel frustrated with the impact it has on the business. In many cases the reason employees continues on this monotonous journey is that managers have been too busy to recognise that the worker is either under skilled, over skilled or has simply outgrown the role. Leaders feel as though they have hit a dead end with weaker staff members and fall into the trap of using more of their time micromanaging than leading.

Bored or unmotivated employees negatively impact your business by:

Wasted resources such as time and money

Reduced quality of product or services

Lack of morale and conflict between the team

Lack of efficiency (Leading to damaged reputation)

Investing in training for yourself and your staff develops your ogranization by:

Promoting a solution orientated attitude to problems

Making individuals feel valued

Inspiring confidence and a renewed approach to working

Improving recognition in skills and qualities

Increased job satisfaction

Overall, prioritizing training within your business will allow you to pin point areas of development, enhance company image, reduce employee turnover and can be used in preparation for succession planning.

What do you think?



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